“I can’t believe your prices are this high!”

“Your prices are absolutely ridiculous!”

“I’ll just find a cheaper photographer!”

These are some of the reactions that I get from people who submit inquiries about having a boudoir experience. I have been rejected numerous times by people who do not agree  or understand how I price my work.

Well let me tell you that these types of people are just not my ideal clients. So you might ask; well who are your clients then?

I’ll tell you: My clients are people who understand the work that goes into what I do. They do their research and see the value that I offer. They know that there is a process that goes on with hiring a professional photographer. I’m not just a picture taker. I am an image creator. They understand that I have invested time money and education to be able to run a photography business. My average client typically spends between $3k to $5k for their full boudoir experience.

That being said. Many people truly do not know why boudoir photography or any professional level of photography costs so much. So I figured I would share some knowledge with you and why.

For starters, Let me break down a timeline of my workflow as a boudoir photographer. 

  • Pre consultation via phone or zoom prior to session (15-30 minutes)

  • Communication Emails/messages back and forth prior to session (3-5 hours)

  • Session Preparation/set-up time prior to shoot (1 hour)

  • Session Wrap up/clean-up after shoot (1 hour)

  • Hair, Makeup and shooting the photos (4-5 hours)

  • Post session viewing/ordering of images (30-45min)
  • Post-production, editing and retouching images (8-12 hours)

  • Session Break (1 hour)
  • Album/print – design, ordering, quality control, etc. (1-2 hours)

  • Education (per shoot, minimum) (1 hour)

  • Social Media, website, blog, managing the business (1 hour minimum PER SHOOT)

This is about 21-28. hours per client. 

Here is a break down of the expenses that go into a session. 

  • Hair/Makeup – $100+
  • Location Rental $300 -$600
  • Photographer’s Assistant – $100

On average a full session can be about $500 to $700 alone. This is not including my post production team who that consist of photo retouchers, Social media assistants and print team for your luxurious albums and other products.

Why might you ask? That is because my team and I are certified professionals. I pay them well and they aren’t volunteers. They are all passionate and love to go above and beyond and exceed expectations.

Photography is not a cheap profession. Like all professions there are tools to get the job done. If you want to perform your job at a high level, you have to acquire the tools that will help you perform at that level.

Here is a brief breakdown of the equipment I use to perform my job effectively.

  • Sony A7RIII Camera Body ($3,000)
  • Sony A7III Camera Body ($2,000)
  • Sigma 24 -70mm lens ($1,099)
  • Sony 85mm 1.8 lens ($548)
  • Other lenses I own ($1,500)
  • Other camera equipment I own ($2,000)
  • Dozens of camera batteries ($80 each)
  • Professional studio lighting and stands and accessories that includes wireless remotes, modifiers, and more. 

This is just some of the break down. The lighting equipment that I use cost $6k alone. 

Did you know that most photographers do not even use studio lighting at all.

Software is also part of my tools. Not only to use the gear but to operate my photography business and this ads up as well. My cost for Software alone ads up to over $3,000 a year.

Also unlike your $200 photographer I run a legal business. If anyone offers photoshoots for under $1,000 is likely not running a legal business. Or they haven’t realized the actual cost of doing business yet. To operate as a legal business you have to pay good ol Uncle Sam every year. Let’s just say he and I have a love hate relationship.

Boudoir is not an easy form of photography. You can’t just pick up a camera and call yourself a boudoir photographer or even a general photographer. 

Why? Because boudoir is one of the most intimate forms of photography and you are working with emotions, insecurities, body image and clients with their self esteem in a very vulnerable state.

  • We are responsible to help our clients feel safe and comfortable in the clothing they may or not wear in their session.
  • We are responsible to bring out your personality in these intimate type of images.
  • It is our duty to express to our client the art of showcasing their true beauty

You basically really need to know what you’re doing as a boudoir photographer. 

Which brings me to point number 2. As a professional photographer, you need to have knowledge and experience. One the most precious things in photographing a boudoir experience is promoting self love and empowering women who are unsure about their own beauty. One of the things we do is learn which types of poses work for various body types. We know that everyone is unique and we encourage wardrobe that emphasizes your strengths. This ensures you will have a positive empowering experience.

I have 10 plus years of experience photographing women from Hollywood models to everyday women. I can tell you that even the Hollywood models still need encouragement and direction during a session. I’ve photographed hundreds of women in my career and I know what I am doing and that’s important.

Point number 3. It is essential to provide a safe and comfortable environment. It’s more to it than having sexy lingerie, amazing hair and makeup. The most important thing is you need to feel comfortable. We want you to come relaxed and want you to feel like you’re just hanging out with your friends. We want you to tap into that inner bombshell that you are. You will leave your experience with your head high with a higher awareness of self love.

We will be discarding all the negative stereotypical pre-conceived ideas of what is acceptable and what is not. Why? Well this experience is all about YOU!! We are embracing and  celebrating the true beauty of you. Everyone that has a boudoir experience is unique in their own way and we empower and celebrate that. Thats the Classy Boudoir Boutique experience.

Point number 4. I’m not just a photographer. I am also an encourager, a coach, a friend. Some women are skeptical about having a boudoir experience with a male photographer. What I can say is that in my years of experience is my clients actually look forward to having a males perspective. You actually get the best of both worlds because I’m coaching you as well as my staff assistants who are amazing as well. As a team we are here to cheer you on. Show you what you thought you could never do. We are here to boost you up and show you that you are that drop dead gorgeous bombshell that you’ve been hiding all along. 

Point number 5. You are paying for someone who understands you. What I mean by this is; I grew up in a dark place full of insecurities. I was in the foster care system as a child and was adopted into a family that I didn’t share the same genetics with. So part of my growing up I felt like an outsider and hated the way I looked. I used to look in the mirror and just say such horrible things to myself. So I know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and be emotionally taxed from life.  

I can say that I pulled myself out of that space and it wasn’t easy. It took quite a bit of time and I still go through some ups and downs till this day. 

What I can tell you is that since I taught myself how to love me, I wanted to provide an experience to help others do the same. I taught myself how to because my camera, I fell in love with the art of photography and pursued my BFA in photography. I am the perfect person to build you up as well. Why because I am here for you.

Point number 6. Professional quality products aren’t cheap. The final point I want to share is that I have worked commercially an have had my work featured in art galleries in Hollywood. I can tell you that top quality comes with a price. I bring this same standard to the products that I offer. I have curated different companies and have my specific few that I use to guarantee gallery quality prints. 

These prints will not tear or break easily and will stand the test of time. I provide beautiful hand stitched albums, some with acrylic covers, and fine art gallery quality metal prints. My products are not cheap and are meant to last generations. My images are also calibrated for the resources that I print with as well. Costco, Target, CVS, Walmart will not print your images the same quality as my resources. In some cases they may not print them at all.

Also your Privacy is important to me. Your boudoir images are intimate and you just don’t know where your images may end up if you print them at the places previously listed. My print warehouse based in Portugal  specializes in printing boudoir images. This means you will be receiving top quality products from a full professional team who are passionate about their craft.

One last thing. You are paying for quality and professionalism. I have dedicated my life to photography and creating beautiful images through my art. I am always striving to be better at my craft. Aside from obtaining my BFA in photography, I also attend photography trainings yearly so that I may continue to serve my clients to the best of my ability. I personally have 2 coaches and also a part a few master mind groups and these aren’t cheap also. 

I also take on a limited number of clients each moth. This helps me ensure that each client that books with Classy Boudoir Boutique gets the adequate amount care and customer service provided for their boudoir experience.

All that being said I just want to let you know that it brings me pure joy to be able to use my talents and skillset to capture you in your best light. Bing able to help you see you the way others see you and love the person you see in the mirror every day.

Remember, any one can pick up a camera and click a photo. I’m a photographer that actually helps you feel beautiful inside and out. You will not only leave your session with beautiful photos but with a new found confidence as well.

These are just reasons why you should invest in yourself. Simply because you are 100% worth it.

The value you place on your self is priceless and these images will definitely serve as a reminder of that.

You’ve been criticizing yourself for too long. It’s about time you celebrate the woman you were created to be!

No more waiting, wishing, and wondering.

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Final Thoughts

When you question a photographer with their pricing, would you keep things like this in mind?

Sure there may be hobbyist photographers out there. Professional photographers are still small business owners with dreams and desires just like the rest of you. I love what I do and want to provide the best possible experience for all of my clients.

What do you think? Do you still think photography pricing cost too much? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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